The Ben Horch Story Film Review

This film was premiered on November 19th, 2007 as a 100th Birthday tribute to Ben Horch (1907-1992). The run time is 28 minutes, produced by Old Oak Publishing & Recording (2007) and scripted by Peter Letkemann. All footage is original including sound recordings.

The beginning of the film is narrated by Evelyn Braun who describes her personal experience of knowing Ben Horch. There is nothing but positivity in explaining what type of person he was. Horch had an excellent musical flare, as well as admirable qualities such as being generous and sincere. He was known to be an influential figure within his surrounding community, and is spoken of highly. Throughout the film, photos of Horch and his loved ones are shown, along with video while narration continues. At a point, there is a small shift into a brief backstory/biography of Horch- including a view of the area in which he was born, with details about his growing up years. This information covers what church he attended, his initial career goals, how those changed, and more.

Sound clips of Horch are played in addition, including one of him singing while playing piano, another of him speaking on the radio, and one of him speaking about his growing up years. Part of this section briefly mentions his experience of meeting his wife Esther, how they married, and had one child together.

Further information involves significant events throughout Horch’s life such as moving to L.A. to conduct at a bible institute, starting orchestra programs, and teaching choir at MBBC. One of his major achievements is noted, as he was recognized in 1974 with an honorary doctorate from the University of Winnipeg. Another point of interest involves footage of Horch’s 80th birthday celebration, as he gave a speech in front of a large congregation and his choir. The film ends with more personal photos, including some from Esther and Ben’s 50th Anniversary as a poem is voiced over. This film is suitable for all ages.
-Teanna Rozek


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