Museum FAQ

Q. Will I need to show my Vaccine Passport?
A. The museum does not currently have a vaccine passport requirement.  Masks are recommended.





Frequently Asked Questions

Who can book a Tour?

Churches, schools, or community groups during regular operating hours or off-hours.

Who can book a Tour?
Is there bus parking?
Yes. Bus parking is just past the main door, near the North gate.

What is included in the tour?
-We will have a docent ready to guide your group, as long as this is confirmed in advance.

-Part of the tour includes a seated 15 minute introductory video.

– For those who cannot stand for long periods of time, we have seating near the main exhibit as well as various other areas

– It could take up to 3 hours+ to get the full experience of our exhibit, so return visits are encouraged

– To include a coffee shop visit in the tour, advanced booking is required to ensure enough pastries will be prepared

Is the building wheel chair accessible?
Yes. Our building has full wheel chair access including washrooms.

How much does a tour cost?
For tours we suggest a $5 donation per person for admission

What else is offered at the museum?
– Historical films can be played for your group by request at no charge (see our list of movies under the “films” tab)

-Our coffee shop has a great selection of Mennonite baked goods and coffee or tea!
Our prices are as follows:

Assortment of Pastries: from $1.50-$2.50
Buns: 50 cents each
Coffee or Tea: $1.50

-Our bookstore has a wide variety of reading material on Mennonite culture, along with greeting cards and funny tee shirts.

For more information,
Call us at: 604-758-5667

(or) email us at: