The Museum's permanent exhibit hall illustrates the story of the Mennonites spanning 500 years, beginning with the Anabaptists of the 16th century. Relive the often tumultuous story from Zurich in Switzerland to the Netherlands, across northern Europe to Poland/Prussia, then Russia, and finally, to Canada.

Display panels, digital slide shows, and video interviews draw you into the lives of ordinary men and women whose faith in Jesus Christ and desire to live out his life and teachings often put them at odds with both state and church officials. Introductory and feature films in our two theatres are available for your viewing pleasure.

Seasonal exhibits throughout the year highlight various aspects of Mennonite history and faith, both in the Fraser Valley and beyond. There will be a particular focus on how Mennonites have interacted with agriculture over the centuries, from their agrarian days in Prussia and Russia, to the establishment of productive farms in the Fraser Valley.

Exhibits will illustrate the ways in which Mennonites have used agriculture to not only feed themselves but to feed the hungry throughout the world. A library and archive is available on the 2nd floor for those who wish to delve deeper into the Mennonite story.