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Book Launch: Refugees and Ambassadors

You are invited to:

MHM BOOK LAUNCH:  Refugees and Ambassadors: Mennonite Missions in Brazil by Dr. Victor Wiens

Presentation begins at 2:00pm at the Mennonite Heritage Museum, Saturday, September 21, 2019

Books will be available for purchase from the MHM Bookstore

Meet the Author, Victor Wiens, Ph.D

Light refreshments.

This is a free event and we welcome you to bring family and friends!

Museum will be open from 1pm to 4pm.

2019 09 21 MHM Book Launch Victor Wiens PhD Poster

From amazon:

About the Author

Victor Wiens (M.Div., Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary; Ph.D. Intercultural Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary) with his wife Marty, served as a missionary in São Paulo, Brazil for 25 years. He was active in church planting, leadership development, and denominational mission ministries. Since 2009 he serves as Mission Capacity Building coach for MB Mission in Abbotsford, Canada. In this role he coaches majority world church and mission leaders toward building capacities for healthy churches and global mission.



  • Refugees and Ambassadors: Mennonite Missions in Brazil, self-published, 2017 (also in Portuguese)


  • The Church in Mission: Global Mennonite Brethren Perspectives on Mission in the 21st Century, Kindred Productions, 2015 (also in Spanish).


  • Articles in Gemeinde unter dem Kreuz des Südens, Mission Focus, Direction Journal, Irmãos em Ação, Missions Manual, Bibel und Pflug, O Missionário, Witness, Intercâmbio Menonita, ICOMB

R + A book cover 2 from Vic

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Fridbert August (President, Association of Mennonite Churches in Brazil)

“This book is a milestone in Mennonite history in Brazil. Your passion for the subject of the book and your acquired knowledge are amazing. I love to hear the stories, and the excerpts you read from the book exemplifying how God uses people of all kinds were inspiring.”


Emerson Cardoso (President, Brazilian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches)

“Thank you Victor for your visit and commitment to … the Mennonite conferences in Brazil … your presentations were highly praised by leading pastors and people who were part of the history of migration and establishing of these families of churches.”


Hans Gerhard Peters (former President, Evangelical Mennonite Alliance, Brazil)

“… I want to congratulate and thank brother Victor for such fantastic material. I have read a good part of the book, also publicized it and promoted its reading in all the AEM (Evangelical Mennonite) churches.”


David Wiebe (former Executive Director, International Community of Mennonite Brethren – ICOMB)

“Victor Wiens combines his considerable experience as a missionary to and resident of Brazil with research data to formulate a very insightful missiological monograph. It addresses critical missiology questions within a case study he has experienced as a church planter and national conference supporter.  This book and his work shows he is among the Mennonite Brethren international movement’s “next generation” missiologists and deserves a hearing for his thoughtful work.”

Refugees and Ambassadors Mennonite Missions in Brazil  Victor Wiens

Who are the Mennonites in Brazil?  Arriving initially as refugees, are they still primarily an immigrant or ethnic group?  Are they a charming “quiet in the land” folk to be smiled at or be shown to tourists?  Are they still predominantly rural, or have they become urban, like most others in Brazil?   Most importantly, to what extent have Mennonites shared their Christian faith in word and in deed?  These questions and many others are answered in this first-time study of this topic.  You will discover …

  • The story of how Mennonites came to Brazil in 1930.
  • The identities of their churches and missions active today.
  • The variety of missional services that Mennonites offer.
  • The key people and movements that have shaped them.
  • The heart of Mennonite faith and what motivates them.

Those familiar with the Mennonite story will find a relevant case study of seven missions.  In light of the increasing involvement of Brazilian evangelicals in global missions, Brazilians and others will gain understanding of this missional story and what God has done through Mennonite missions in Brazil through 2015.  Through the four lenses of history, theology, training, and church growth, the reader will learn successes to be repeated and failures to be avoided.  Numerous anecdotes, photos and study questions enhance the text.  This study will lead to growth in faith, motivation, and missiological understanding.