The Russian Mennonite Story – The Heritage Cruise Lectures (Paul Toews)

“The Mennonite Heritage Cruise ushered a new era of ethno-tourism for Mennonites. For sixteen years (1995-2010), these cruises created a ‘
floating community of Mennonite pilgrims,’ transforming a passenger ship along the Dnieper River into a collective space for fellowship and reflection on the Mennonite story in Ukraine. The lectures of Paul Toews, the resident historian, provided thousands of cruise participants with the historical knowledge they needed to understand the experiences of Mennonites that had unfolded on the landscapes they were about to visit. Blending history, sorrow, and reverence, Paul’s lectures explored the themes of prosperity, destruction, and resurrection within the Russian Mennonite story. Edited and illustrated by Aileen Friesen, these lectures, along with almost one hundred accompanying historical photographs, offer a revisiting of this past and a path forward for its future study.”

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