Remembering Russia 1914-1927 – War and the End of Mennonite Tranquility: (2006) (43 min.)

“The Mennonites in Southern Russia, present-day Ukraine had become affluent. They worked hard in their tight-knit communities, bound by a common language and faith. The level of cultural and social achievement had surpassed their Russian neighbors. For most Mennonites, life was what they made it, largely undisturbed by national or international events.” In the years leading up to Russia’s joining of the war in 1914, social, economic and political changes broke down Tsarist regime authority. The film covers all of this information, along with the ways that the 1917 Russian Revolution occurred. Following this, was the civil war which had many negative affects on the Mennonites. As a result, Mennonites fled to Canada. Much of this knowledge is of firsthand experience re-visited by Otto Klassen.

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