Remain In Me: (2001) (75 min.)

Portuguese-language film with English subtitles about the 70 years of Mennonite immigration to Brazil, celebrated in 2000. Based on true stories, full of examples of faith, the movie reveals dramatic moments lived by the first immigrants, and also shows the growth of a group of people guided always by the divine light and by an unbreakable disposition to start again, to work, and to pursue their ideals. Since the Netherlands, passing through the icy Russian plains, in the middle of the war in Germany, or at the discovery of the Brazilian unusual heat, this homage brings to light testimonies of the characters of this true saga and lights hope for a new life. Many
of the scenes were shot in preciously elaborated sceneries, and some In Santa Catarina, where
they originally took place. Produced by Exodo imagens/Fundacao Educacional Menonita.

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