Escape Via Moscow 1929 (35 min.) + The Women’s Burden Under Stalin: (2011) (10 min.)

Escape Via Moscow provides insight to the Mennonites in Soviet Russia and their spiritual battles as the Soviet government determined their fate. This film is informative about the forced collectivization and discusses journey of the Mennonites as they fled from Siberia to Moscow, and to Germany. Much of the film explains their tragic story of suffering, illness, famine, exile and death under Stalin’s power. This also discusses how the refugees were welcomed in Germany, and the hospitality and grace that they experienced by the Germans during such troubled times. Through it all, the Mennonites remained strong in their faith, as is noted.

The Women’s Burden Under Stalin focuses on the role that the women played in working to provide for their families throughout the difficult conditions under Stalin. This short film explains treacherous experiences of train voyages as many were sent back to Siberia. Other information covers topics of women’s rights and obligations, terror in women’s camps in Karaganda, the Lena River and various other locations, famine and forced labor.
Films produced by Otto Klassen in 2011.

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