Film Matinees

summer film poster 2019


The Burden of the Soviet Star
Discusses the harsh conditions in northern Russia and Siberia where Mennonites were sent into exile. Produced by Otto Klassen. (44 min.)


Through the Red Gate
This film tells the story of the Bargen family, as rare and long-forgotten letters reveal terrifying details of their fate during Stalin’s reign. Directed by Moyra Rodger. (50 min.)


Escape Via Moscow & The Women’s Burden Under Stalin
Escape Via Moscow provides insight on Mennonites in Soviet Russia and their spiritual battles as the Soviet government determined their fate. (35 min.)

The Women’s Burden focuses on the role that women played in working to provide for their families throughout the difficult conditions under Stalin. Otto Klassen Productions. (10 min.)



The Birth of Anabaptism
A film all about the history of Anabaptism taught by Abraham Friesen (28 mins.)

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